There goes my life.

I actually passed my Anatomy final.

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I have my Anatomy 2 final in the morning and I really need to focus, but I don’t wanna.

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Coming up next in Krissy’s life:


  • Work 8-4
  • Statistics test 6pm


  • Peer reviews due
  • Band

Friday, Saturday, Sunday:

  • Work
  • Work
  • Work


  • Microbiology homework due
  • Anatomy and Physiology homework due
  • work
  • Microbiology test window opens


  • Anatomy Test
  • Microbiology test window open
  • English Paper due


  • Work
  • Microbiology test window closes
  • Statistics


  • Anatomy
  • English Presentations
  • Band Concert

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I found out my anatomy homework isn’t very much at all and the sounds I made to celebrate were not human.

And then I went:

Because I didn’t know those noises were possible.

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So much to do this week. Ahh.

Microbiology is going to kick my butt again, work is kicking my butt and Anatomy is going to kick my butt. Dang. So many things so little time. I don’t know. Gotta get it done though.

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Anatomy Mid-term tomorrow.

I guess I should study or something.

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